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About Us

Our Story


One person completely changed my field of interest and career. That person was my mother in law. 

After many years working various jobs, my mother in law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. It was a defining moment in my life.  She moved in with us and I was her primary caregiver.  I found this highly rewarding.

After she passed I decided to continue working in the field.  I registered with several agencies but found their focus to be  financial.  They didn't put their clients' needs first.  I realized I could do better.

So E&M In-Home Senior Care was born.  Our #1 focus is the care and dignity of our clients.  Our philosophy is that compassion, love and empathy are the three basics when taking care of elderly people. My team and I are devoted to making a positive change in the lives of the people we are caring for. We listen to them, we provide for their needs, we create a superior work environment by being attentive and dedicated to the needs of our clients.

All of the E&M team are passionate, considerate, and qualified caregivers.  They are insured, bonded, and licensed with the State of California as Home Care Aides.  They have undergone background checks and E&M's training program.

Our business is centered in Cypress.  We serve communities in south LA county and north Orange county, including Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Long Beach, Lakewood, Bellflower, Cerritos, Buena Park, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, and Irvine.

E & M In-Home Senior Care is run by Aicha and Ray Clouse.  Aicha has a BA in Economics and speaks four languages fluently.  Ray has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is a real rocket scientist.

"I am so grateful and thankful to God first and to my mother in law who opened my eyes in this new career.  She was the reason I created my business: E&M In-Home Senior Care."

Our Commitment


At E&M Senior Care, the genuine health and well-being of others is our greatest concern.

We vow to provide first-class personal service for our clients so that they may enjoy warmth, independence and relaxed comfort in their own home or any setting.

E&M Senior Care is built on a solid foundation of core values and dedication to client happiness, peace of mind, and quality of life that supports our Culture of Care—our commitment to service excellence, personal growth, and accountability.

Why Choose E&M Senior Care


We are a family owned company.

We are proud of our care staff, and recognize our caregivers are the heart and soul of E&M Senior Care.  We are an in-home non-medical care organization. 

We specialize in hiring caregivers who are dedicated to long-term service and carefully matched with you and your needs. This fosters deeper companionship, enhances safety, ensures reliability and eliminates confusion. Proudly we can say our caregivers are E&M Senior Care employees, not independent contractors.

 In order for us to provide you with only the highest-quality caregivers, we invest much time and hard work into the recruitment and training process. Before being hired and placed in a client’s home, all of our caregivers have to pass a comprehensive criminal history background check through the US Department of Justice, a DMV record check and provide verification of current car insurance. We continually educate our caregivers on various aspects of senior care, particularly concerning Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Our caregivers are licensed and bonded W-2 employees, relieving you from the inconvenience of managing taxes,  Worker’s Compensation insurance, and everything else involved in being an employer. Many of our competitors hire their healthcare workers as independent contractors or act as a referral agency only. Compatibility between the personalities of our clients and their caregivers is guaranteed. We tailor our services to meet each client’s individual needs and wants. If adjustments are necessary, we gladly make changes to ensure that the client is happy and comfortable with the caregiver.

We protect the privacy of your personal and health information. You can rest assured that your personal and contact information will never be shared with anyone without your express permission.